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About us


We provide even the most complex repairs of tyres and belts in agricultural machine presses and conveyor belts. Our company was established in 1947.

Repairing tyres for agricultural and construction machines – about us

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Now providing end-to-end tyre repair services, our company was established in 1947 in Prudnik with at Morcinka 9. It was a very difficult period for service activities due to a number of technical problems – a lack of machinery, tools, and materials (rubber). At the beginning our company was striving to provide car tyre, inner tubes, and rubber shoes repair services.

In 1952 the workshop was moved to a larger building at Batorego 31. There we were able to develop a company providing repair services for car tyres and other rubber products. The company became renowned for its tyre repair services not only in Prudnik, Nysa, and Opole, but in the whole province: in Twardawa, Głogówek, Głuchołazy, and even in the region of Korfantów and Smolarnia.

In 1965 the company was modernised – a steam boiler was removed as it was very burdensome to people who lived at Kochanowskiego street. It was replaced with electrical equipment in order to improve the quality and performance.

In the early 70's, agricultural and industrial engineering developed rapidly and the society became more motorised. This caused an increase in the demand for vulcanising services. In this period our company started providing services related to repairing tyres for agricultural machines, including tractors.

In 1972 the company built a new workshop close to the railroad and bus station at Kolejowa street, implementing new services to its range: retreading, balancing wheels, and repairing conveyor belts.

In order to meet the market demands in 1995, the company moved to a larger place at Prężyńska 36 in an industrial district.

Due to further technical development, our company offers more than car tyre repair services, for example truck tyre repair and construction machinery tyres repair. We ensure that our staff attend regular trainings in order to perform even the most complicated tyre repairs and repairs of belts in agricultural machine presses and conveyor belts. Customers become increasingly interested in our services. We strive to provide top European level of equipment and top quality of our services such as tyre repair, changing and balancing of wheels, and straightening and welding of aluminium rims.

Our goal is to provide our personnel with regular training, improving the quality of our services, and earning even more trust from our customers.