GT Radial

GT Radial


We change damaged tyres if they have been damaged due to exploitation, impact, or tyre wear. GT Radial means changing your tyres free of charge!

When tyres cannot be repaired – GT Radial

Changing damaged tyres free of charge

In addition to providing end-to-end services for car tyre and agricultural machines tyre repair, we offer special services for owners of GT Radial tyres. It guarantees that your damaged tyres will be changed free of charge. An authorised service point verifies the type and source of damage, we replace the tyre with a new one immediately.

We guarantee to change your damage tyres free of charge provided that:

  • They have been mechanically damaged in the course of regular exploitation or after an impact (driving over a curb, driving on bumpy roads).
  • Exploiting tyres up to the tyre wear indicators (TWI) on the tyres.

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