Our services

Our services


We repair tyres, inner tubes, and conveyor belts. We provide wheel balancing services for passenger cars, trucks, and motorcycles.

Repairing tyres for trucks and tractors – services

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We provide mainly tyre repair services. Our services are intended for individual customers and representatives of companies and institutions. The scope of services provided by our company includes:
• Repairing car tyres,
• Repairing truck tyres,
• Repairing heavy goods vehicles tyres,
• Repairing tyres for agricultural machines (including tractors),
• Repairing tyres for construction machinery.

We provide more than just tyre repair services. We sell tyres to customers as well – this is the most popular when changing to winter or summer tyres. Using tyres appropriate for the road conditions is critical to provide safety on the road. For example, tyres intended for the summer period, when used in ambient temperature -10 degrees Celsius, provide only 30% of safety.

Every time we change tyres in our customers' cars, we pay particular attention to the condition of tyres and inform the user about all faulty parts (wheel alignment, faulty shock absorbers, play in suspension, leaks, damaged suspension system components, condition of the braking system, general condition of tyres). We provide tyre repair services at the customer's request.

Inflating tyres with nitrogen

Tyres are inflated with nitrogen due to technical and economic reasons. This solution is used with cars exploited in the toughest conditions in:

  • mining industry
  • aircraft industry
  • transport of flammable and hazardous materials
  • motor sports (formula 1)

A tyre inflated with nitrogen maintains its required pressure three times longer than a tyre inflated with air.

Nitrogen creases the length of the service life of a tyre by 22% and safety of driving by 25%.

Nitrogen is non-flammable, thus inflating tyres does not cause any fire hazard. Nitrogen-inflated tyres is a reasonable innovation for all drivers. It enables you to save your money, improve the service life of your tyres, and enhance safety. Temperature in the wheel does not affect nitrogen.

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