Agricultural tyres


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Agricultural tyres


Agricultural tyre service

We provide repair services for tyres in farming vehicles, loaders, cranes, fork-lift trucks, graders, rollers, articulated and rigid-frame haulers, heavy equipment and excavators. Our offer includes:

  • assembly of wheels regardless of their size,
  • repair of large lateral and front damages in GIGANT type tyres, cold and hot, with EM Rema TipTop press,
  • filling damages and rubber losses in tyre threads and on the sides of tyres,
  • deepening treads,
  • repairing inner tubes,
  • seasonal tyre exchange,
  • professional counselling on operation of tyres,
  • inflating tyres with nitrogen,
  • selling new tyres,
  • straightening aluminium and steel rims,
  • retreading tyres,
  • wheel balancing,
  • sales of retreaded tyres.